What's a Little Payola Between Vendor and Buyer?

Former Wal-Mart exec accuses CEO of ethics breach in accepting discounts on yachts, diamonds and personal gifts from vendors.

Not like the guy can't afford to buy himself the moon already.

What is it with rich people wanting more and more free stuff? And doing an ethical Frogger the whole time, that is, hopping from one justification to another, trying to find one that you can live with.

Is any of this really news? Do people, that is, do lay people not already assume that the rich get given crap all day long just because they are rich? I know I do.

Have you ever seen what's in those schwag bags for the Oscars? What was the total value this last time around, more than $100k, I believe. Nothing like given stuff to people who can already well afford it but they're too whatever to buy it for themselves, they like being given things because it validates who wonderfully special they feel they are.

Rich people don't piss me off, rich people who continue to be greedy ass-pappy's piss me off.

That and hundred million dollar golden parachutes for departing CEO's who did nothing but help the company tank, but that's another post for another blog.
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