Walmart Continues to Value Profits Over People, Always

Walmart Taking Away Insurance For 30,000 Workers and blaming rising costs rather than their ever increasing greed requirements.

Walmart can pay living wages, Walmart can provide benefits to its employees. It chooses not to because it bumps their bottom line profits to foist those expenses on to the economies of the localities they infect with their Big Box Hellholes.

Make no mistake about it, when you shop at Walmart, you are removing money from your local economy permanently. Part of it goes into the Walton coffers and the other part goes into China.

Buying goods at Walmart harms America. Shopping at Walmart is un-American. Patriots vote every day of their lives with their wallets and the choices where they spend their money makes.


America Needs More Men Like Bernie Sanders


Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt in the Sun

I don't know what is in a Walmart Ice Cream sandwich but it isn't ice cream. Ice cream has this weird ability to melt when it is exposed to warmer than freezing temperatures.

Whatever gelatinous chemical bomb this nasty crap is made from is not ice cream. After 75 minutes in the sun, the only visible signs of melting is some nasty watery liquid that has pooled a little on the sides.

This is not food. This is about as food-like as a plastic banana and maybe even less food-like.

The sad part are the comments on the video from deeply ignorant people saying that it tastes good and it probably won't give them cancer. Pretty sure their trust in Walmart to look after their well-being is deeply and badly misplaced.


Walmart is THE Money Sucking Leech

Or, Subsidy is a Four Letter Word

I do not shop at Walmart, I haven't spent a dime there in close to 20 years. And yet my money is STILL going to help bridge the gap between how much they pay and the services Walmart employees and their families need and use.

Walmart is the largest corporation on the planet. It is owned by the wealthiest family on the planet and yet I, not the wealthiest anything anywhere, am being forced to help pay for the services that Walmart has weaseled out of.

At best, this unethical, unseemly and unsustainable. At its worst, this is a codified business decision to maximize profits for as long as possible until the whole shithouse falls down around their ears.

Walmart CAN pay a living wage but they will not until they are forced to do so. This is, coincidentally, a strong argument against libertarian "ideals" of letting the free market sort everything out. The free market sorted out Walmart and we are still paying the price today, you, me, every single one of us is paying Walmart to exist.

I'd like to cancel that payment, now and into the future. If Walmart cannot stand on its own feet without my subsidies then they do not deserve to be in business.


How Wal-Mart Steals From Us All

Walmart's Executive Bonuses Cost Taxpayers Millions

This new report, co-published by IPS and Americans for Tax Fairness, reveals that taxpayers (note, NOT Walmart customers exclusively, we are all being forced to pay their executive bonuses) also subsidize much of the cost of Walmart’s executive pay.

Key report findings: 
  • Walmart reduced its federal tax bills by an estimated $104 million over the past six years by exploiting a tax loophole that allowed eight top executives to pocket more than $298 million in “performance pay” that was fully tax deductible.  That sum would have been enough to cover the cost of free school lunches for 33,000 children for those six years.
  • Michael T. Duke, Walmart’s recently retired President & CEO and currently Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, pocketed nearly $116 million in exercised stock options and other “performance pay” during the period 2009-2014. That translates into a taxpayer subsidy for Walmart of more than $40 million—enough to cover the average cost of food stamps for 4,200 people for those six years.
  • Taxpayers would save $50 billion over 10 years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, if Congress closed this perverse “performance pay” loophole by capping the tax deduction at $1 million for each employee’s total compensation, with no exceptions for performance pay.
Full report: PDF
Full report with year by year data breakdown: PDF


CostCo IS Better than Walmart and Sam's Club

Pretty easy to see why I'll never willingly set foot in a Walmart or Sam's Club and am a regular customer at CostCo.

The full article is available on Atlasleft.


Sam's Club vs Costco Ruled No Contest, Sam's Club Fails for Profit Mongering

Sam's Club vs Costco: Do Lower Prices Trump Employee Happiness?

Hint: No.

I will never shop at a Sam's Club while I can go to a CostCo instead. I strongly prefer spending my money at a store that treats their employees like people and pays them livable wages.

"Sam's Club could treat its workers better, find ways to rev up sales and not lay people off just because they can. That, however seems unlikely as Wal-Mart will likely maintain its profit margin at Sam's Club by continuing to use its leverage to purchase at the best prices possible while squeezing and eliminating labor costs wherever possible."

Sam's Club and Wal-Mart have a long and disgusting history of treating employees like cattle to be used up and discarded. Which may work nicely for your bottom line for a period of time but the worm is turning and Wal-Mart's misdeeds are more and more known. And that leads more people to shopping elsewhere and marginalizing Wallyworld.

And that is a very good thing. People over Profits! Vote with your wallet and don't give your money to the evil empire that is Wal-Mart.


This is what the Walmartification of Christmas Looks Like

The volume thing is a trap, no sound, sorry.
Black Friday has now become synonymous with violence associated with the pursuit of Christmas presents.

It has now become expected that there will be riots and brawls and mayhem as people FIGHT to get schlock at bigger discounts.

Would you want a present your mom got for you by boot-stomping someone else's mother?

I don't know about you but I'd rather not get anything at all for Christmas than to think that it was purchased via a violent confrontation or threat of violence.

We have become so inured to the violence thathyperbolic satire bits like this, Woman Kills 3 for XBox and then there's this mega-super-hyperbolic one from The Onion, 42 Million Dead in Bloodiest Black Friday On Record.

And now Black Friday is starting on Thanksgiving Day which is so insanely offensive and rude that it just boggles the mind.

People, NO BARGAIN IS WORTH ANY OF THIS. Christmas and the holiday season is and should be about spending quality time with your loved ones, not nursing black eyes received while SHOPPING.

America needs to remove its head from its ass and recognize these behaviors are animalistic, disgusting and further signs of the epic implosion of our entire society (expect the Chinese to step right in and "help" us get sorted).


Pop Quiz Time (Hint, the Answer is Yes)

Is Walmart's request of associates to help provide Thanksgiving dinner for co-workers proof of low wages?

Yes, yes it is clear proof of Walmart's shitty employment practices.

The internets are kicking around this story about a donation zone set up in the employee area of an Ohio Walmart. These are not donations for local families, these are donations solicited for employees who don't earn enough in their crappy Walmart job to afford Thanksgiving.

Think about this for a minute or two. Also, toss in the fact that Walmart is the largest company on the planet and makes massive profits each and every year. Economists have examined the numbers and Walmart could easily pay livable wages and still pull massive profit (just not quite as much). They choose to screw over millions of people and force everyone to subsidize their profit margins by under-paying and under-employing people.

This is not a once off, this is a codified business practice.

And it is disgusting and should not be allowed.

Walmart is filthy and dirty and the money spent their goes into the Waltons' pockets or off to China. It does not trickle down, it does not re-invest in America, it sits in a bank account or is used by China to increase its grip on the US.


WinCo Treats Employees Like People....Wins

Walmart's nightmare is a clear sustainable model that shows their rapacious and cheap ass way of doing business isn't necessary to make a buck. And that means treating employees like people who have real needs that their employment needs to provide the means to satisfy. Not crap like timesheet manipulation to prevent health benefits.

Nope, WinCo gives full benefits to employees working more than 24 hours a week and has a strong pension plan. And has, according to a spokesperson so take it with a grain of salt, some 400 non-executive employees with million dollar plus pensions.

A company that respects customers and employees and the towns in which they exist?

Uh-oh. That doesn't bode well for a company like Walmart that guts towns, foists healthcare costs, exploits workers and supply chains and is run by the most miserly richest family on earth.

People who think Walmart simply cannot afford to pay a livable wage are simply dead wrong. Businesses can be profitable, sustainable AND respectful to the people who make them run (staff and customer).

That is, I believe, Check and Mate, Wally.