D.C. Progressive Examiner: Why I boycott Walmart

D.C. Progressive Examiner: Why I boycott Walmart: "I know why.

Because Walmart is evil."

An editorial after my own heart that makes a few good points. Some that are overlooked like how Wal-Mart throttles suppliers, forcing them to do business how they want it done, forcing them to sell product to them far cheaper than they can afford and start the supplier into a downward spiral. Once the supplier gets low enough, Wal-Mart will "graciously" offer to buy them out.

The editorial wraps up with: "And so Walmart uses its power to hurt American values, American workers, American business and the American economy. (Even consumers themselves if they’re not careful.)

I waited until after Black Friday to tell this story because I can’t, in good conscience, ask other people not to shop at Walmart. Not in this economy."

Nor can I but it is important to know what you are supporting with your money. If you have no other choice then you have no other choice but if can spend your money somewhere else then please do.
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