I'm Sorry, What? Seven K for Enabling a Stomping Death?

Wal-Mart to be fined for poor planning that led to employee's death but the maximum fine is a mere $7k and Wal-Mart covers that fine in only 20 seconds of operation.

What's the message being sent here? The cost of a human life is 20 seconds of operation for Wal-Mart. That just makes me sad.

If Wal-Mart wanted to make some positive PR out of this then they'd pay 100 times the fine, acknowledge the horrific way this temp worker died and vow to never ever let it happen again.

But, since Wal-Mart is a soulless money sucking corporation, they will fight the fine, spend ten times the cost of the fine on their lawyers, garner even more bad publicity and move on to their next affront to human decency.

This is why I despise Wal-Mart and everything it stands for.
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