Wal-Mart settles suit for $35M

Wal-Mart, 88,000 Washington employees, settle suit for $35M. The complaint alleged that workers were denied meal and rest breaks as well as being forced to work off the clock.

Which is, as anyone who follows Walmart already knows, business as usual for the world's biggest company. They squeeze their bottom rung workers because they can get away with it most of the time.

It took the suit 8 years to be resolved and cost $10.5 million in lawyer fees which Walmart is also being ordered to pay. And $35 million is like 15 minutes of income for the behemoth so its hard to say they lost in this but it is yet another judgment against their codified and despicable work practices.

Walmart exploits their workers, supply chains and localities to deliver shareholder value. Not even the best prices on stuff, studies hahe shown that Target and Walmart have about the same pricing but that people think Walmart's prices are better because the stores look like hell. Weird pyschology at work there, eh?
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