Walmart Does What Walmart Does Best

Walmart is superb at two things: Sending American dollars into China forever and Lowering the standard of living where ever they choose to build their big, ugly stores.

Way to be part of the problem, Walmart. Why not be part of the solution instead?

Report: Walmart Would Kill Jobs, Lower Wages in NYC

And definitely don't miss 8 Reasons We Should Fight to Keep Walmart Out of Our Major Cities. I particularly like their scorched earth policy, if they happen to close the store they have clauses in their leases that prevent anyone else from occupying the space. That's just mean spirited and stupid.

Walmart doesn't support American workers, they don't support America. They send the vast majority of their income into a communist country in China!

Walmart is a disease and it is killing America. Don't shop there, don't support them in any way. Vote with your wallet. Shop online, shop locally, shop at CostCo, pay attention to where the goods you are buying are made and try to buy American when you can.

Walmart is part of the problem. People who shop at Walmart are part of the problem. Wouldn't you rather be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem? It is so much more karmically defensible!
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