Walmart To Pay Workers $440k

Walmart workers get $440k
It appears that nine workers of Mexican descent, one married to a Mexican, were harassed by a co-worker, also a Mexican, with ethnic slurs all the time.

I'm not sure I understand this. There was one asshole Mexican worker being a total asshole to his/her co-workers and calling them racially charged things and, instead of firing them, the managers let it go until the abused workers filed a lawsuit?

Oh wait, they did fire the jerk after about 8 solid months of being a jerk. And the quoted suit says they acted swiftly as soon as they became aware of how utterly egregious the jerk was being.

But it'll still cost Walmart $440,000 in a settlement which they will appeal and make stretch out another four or five years and the only ones making any money are the lawyers.
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