A Sordid Tale of Wal-Mart's Misdeeds from the Trampled

Peggy Collins left this as a comment and I have decided that I would like to add a new feature to Wal-Mart is Pure Evil. I'd like to invite people with stories about Wal-Mart's misdeeds to post their stories here for others to read and learn from.

Do you have a story about Wal-Mart you'd like to share? Send me an email or leave it in a comment and I'll do my best to get it converted into a post as soon as I can.

Peggy's story (emphasis and formatting mine):
Let's talk about how Walmart Corporation (which includes Sam's Club and I think Lowes [Ed. note: I've not been able to verify that Lowes is a Wal-Mart holding, preliminary research indicates that it may not be part of the Wal-Mart empire. Please feel free to correct me if you've got better intel.], most people don't know this) are contracting small company's to erect more and more buildings and not paying.

My husband is on the verge of bankruptcy, along with several other small company's in my area alone, due to non-payment for services rendered, and there are many lawsuits pending just here, not to mention my state (Michigan), so I'm sure it's nationwide! This conglomerate GIANT is putting on stall tactics to avoid payment hoping the small company's will fold (not many can survive million dollar deficit's) or start litigation so their corporate lawyers can tie this up in court for years! They would rather pay their big shot lawyers than pay their bills and they are destroying our economy!

The trickle down effect is devastating! The General Contractor doesn't get paid, so the Sub-contractors don't get paid, the union doesn't get paid as well as the bills and employee's! It is mass destruction! It is the most frustrating and helpless feeling knowing there is no recourse to make this giant pay. A lawsuit is what they're hoping for. A lien put on the constructed building will never go into effect until the suit goes to court and that will never happen. In the mean time, they are up and doing business in the stores these poor smucks built for them, making hand-over-foot profits while the little guy folds!

Their profits are exorbitant and they don't care who they destroy to get there! We need every small business owner to step up and demand help from our government before they take our whole economy down! The last thing we need is more bankruptcy in this state or this country. The politician's promises for aid for the small business is single-handedly being brought down by this corporate giant and they need to help us now.

My husband is on the verge of a nervous breakdown because he has never had business conducted like this before and is in peril of losing everything he's worked his whole life to build, and he is just ONE SUB-contractor on two jobs! Imagine what they are doing to the others! We are pleading for help!
End Peggy's Story

Did reading this piss you off knowing that it could happen to you or someone you know? Then do something about it. Don't shop at Wal-Mart, don't shop at Sam's Club, don't feed this monster because they have and will continue to chew up and spit out contractors, employees, unions and anything or anyone else that gets between them and their bottom line, ethics be damned.

Got a story to share? Drop me an email (remove the nospam and xxx's) or just leave a comment.
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