Wal-Mart Land in Hercules to be Seized by Eminent Domain Ruling

Another town is having to use strong law to counter the encroaching behemoth that is Wal-Mart. After saying no to a mega-center and then no to a smaller mega-center, Wal-Mart's land is going to be seized by the town of Hercules to keep the buggers out.

But it could set a bad precedent according to the soulless legal council for Wal-Mart, "Today it may be Wal-Mart but the question is where does it end," Wal-Mart attorney Edward G. Burg said. Yes, Edward, where does it end indeed? Hopefully it ends with towns taking themselves off of Wal-Mart's high-fructose-corn-syrup-plastic-fantastic-pre-landfill-garbage teat. Hopefully it ends with more and more people telling Wal-Mart to take their artificially subsidized low prices and just go away.

Hopefully it ends with Wal-Mart being forced to change how they do business with suppliers, transporters, employees and customers.

Hopefully it ends with Wal-Mart standing up and becoming a shining beacon of how to run a company right without needing to exploit and denigrate and otherwise psychically abuse everyone coming near the place for work or for goods. Hopefully Wal-Mart becomes the example for other companies to aspire to in terms of its profitability not being based on exploitation but rather on fair prices for fair goods and services. What a concept.

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