How to Beat The Wal-Marts

Marketing to beat the Wal-Marts of the world. How do you keep your doors open when an undercutting price giant like Wal-Mart moves in? Offer your customers something that a monster like Wal-Mart can't, offer community, offer extra information, offer a place where people want to go not have to go, take advantage of your flexibility and speed to react to changing market conditions, offer service that makes people want to return.
To beat a giant, you've to take advantage of their weaknesses - don't be afraid to point them out. I saw a sign in a local hardware store that said "Our prices are higher than Wal-Mart because we take care of our employees." Pretty bold, but perhaps an effective way to make a point.
Wal-Mart is not the end of small business but Wal-Mart's presence does require a refocusing of your business's efforts to attract and retain a loyal customer base. Duct Tape Marketing has a good amount of information that can be applied today to help you increase your bottomline tomorrow.

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