An Example of the Loss Prevention Goon Squad's Over-Reacting

or, Death to Shoplifters! (at Wal-Mart).

This is a direct response to the latest slack-jawed defense of Wal-Mart by one its employees who didn't bother to read the post completely, didn't bother to think about what they were complaining against and think that their personal experiences are representative of the entire company (they are not).

Suspect's Death In Wal-Mart Parking Lot Raises Questions. What happened is a guy named Stacy Driver stole some stuff from Wal-Mart (yes, a crime for which he should have been punished but not by death) and was held on the hot asphalt until he died from a heat stroke. Calls from on-lookers to let him up were ignored by the Loss Prevention Goons and, by the time the police arrived, the shoplifter was no longer breathing nor did he have a pulse.

Now, refute that, Wal-Mart Defense Squad.

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