Privacy? Schmivacy! Wal-Mart Prints Fliers with Confidential Medical Information Printed on the Back

Medical Information Printed on Back of Wal-Mart Fliers as reported by IT Compliance. Basically, Wal-Mart recycled some papers from their pharmacy that happened to contain a customers private medical records. Those records got turned into fliers that were mailed out to a whole bunch of people which, effectively, destroyed the woman's privacy.

My guess is that Wal-Mart will try to get her to settle out of court for a rather sizable payment. And well they should, this sort of privacy breach is beyond the pale and demonstrates a serious lack of proper business process in containing and destroying private records within Wal-Mart.

And yes, if I saw this happening at another Big Box store, I'd be just as pissed off about it. There's no justification for this kind of sloppiness.

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