Save Wal-Mart

Save Wal-Mart | Help Save Wal-Mart from the Radical Homosexual Agenda. This is either pretty subtle satire or pretty ugly intolerant hate cloaked in a religious lunacy.

I'm not gay but I have friends that are and I find these "men of god" preaching hate and disgust and intolerance to be about as un-Christian as can be. But I would defend their right to spout their ugliness because its a fundamental tenet of America, the right to air your opinion without fear of reprisal (within limits, you can't shout "Fire" in a crowded theatre for obvious reasons).

I should also note that I'm not a Christian. At best, I'm an agnostic who refuses to subscribe to any of these deeply flawed theologies that proscribe a mentality of narrow-mindedness and circumspect perspective. Give me a theology that accepts all and does not seek to attain a superiority above others and we can talk. I am, above all else, open to debate.

[Update: Sadly this is not satire and these people really do think there's a homosexual conspiracy. Which is to say, they're utterly fucking insane.]

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