Wal-Mart Tries to Buy Council Influence

Is Walmart Trying To Buy Antioch City Council?

I saw this news piece tonight about Wal-Mart dropping $50,000 into a local election for town council in Antioch, California. Funnily enough, there's a proposal for Wal-Mart to expand their store in Antioch by an additional 200,000 square feet. But the recepient, Manny Soliz, says he hasn't made up his mind about the expansion. Um yuh, can we guess which way you're leaning now that your buddies kicked down fifty large?
But State Senator Tom Torlakson, a supporter of Moore, says that kind of money comes with expectations.

Tom Torlakson: "For them to come in at this time when there is an issue in front of the council that is unseemly and outrageous."
To which I would wholeheartedly agree and add that Wal-Mart should be ashamed of themselves. But shame is for people and corporations with a conscience.

It wasn't an illegal campaign donation but it certainly does send up big red flags (probably with Low Prices, Always written on them).

How long would it take Wal-Mart to make that $50k buyoff back? About ten minutes. And then its lots more profit.

If you live in Antioch, vote against Manny Soliz.
Its easy to remember, it rhymes with sleaze.

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