Wal-Mart's reputation is a turnoff, despite the lure of low prices

You won't find this shopper in the aisles of Wal-Mart

Here is
a reminder of Wal-Mart's further grip on the American consumer by offering low prices at a high cost to its employees and the community.
The article cites Wal-Mart's history of exploitive business practices, its history of not providing adequate healthcare to its employees (the result of which is that their employee's children's medical expenses are passed along to all residents in the populance that has been "blessed" with the Wal-Mart) and allowing minors to operate hazardous machinery.

And you won't find this shopper in one either, for precisely the same reasons.

There are less exploitive places to spend your holiday money, places that don't abuse their localities, that don't exploit the supply chain, that don't force workers to work overtime for no pay, that don't hold down suspected shoplifters on hot asphalt until they die from heat stroke, that don't invade communities with their homogeneous (i.e. there's nothing unique or special about crap you can buy in 10,000 Wal-Mart stores) schlock merchandise.

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