Square Business Models and Round Internet Tubes

Wal-Mart online service misfires, as iTunes readies video for Europe

Bad grammar and misspellings aside, this is a good examination of what's wrong with Wal-Mart's plans to sell movies online.

They only want PC's and Microsoft browsers and its US only. Which I can sort of understand, appealling to the majority and all and avoiding the copyright implications and expense of selling into foreign markets with the thorny DRM.

Bad pricing, bad implementation, clearly just a decision driven by greed and not smart marketing. But this is what we have come to expect for Wal-Mart. Bad copycat business done in a half-assed kind of lame way, its just enough to get by. Maybe that's what annoys me most about Wal-Mart, that its the lowest common denominator, its crap that is just good enough, its a store for unachievement.
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