Wal-Mart Cheats the Law to Get Into India

Protests Greet Wal-Mart In India
"Wal-Mart is the biggest monopoly retailer in the world which is infamous for its pathetic record of violating labour laws, union-busting, displacing small retailers and exploiting small producers of manufactured and agricultural commodities. Its entry into India, which would invariably be followed by the other multinational retailers like TESCO and Carrefour, would monopolise the retail market in India in their hands causing harmful effects to all sections of the people. It would cause large scale displacement of small retailers and squeezing of domestic manufacturers and farmers. Expansion of the Wal-Mart chains has caused massive closure of small stores and pauperisation of poor communities even in the United States."
Yep, even in the USA, Wal-Mart has caused massive harm to small stores and does a really superb bang-up job of pooring down communities. And that quote does a really good job of summing up what it is that Wal-Mart inflicts on localities and states that allow them to land there.

Also, you'll read about FDI in the article and its not explained, FDI stands for Foreign Direct Investment. And Wal-Mart's backdoor entry into India is an end-around of policy regulations intended to keep multinationals from preying on the soft Indian economy.

Oh yeah, before anyone gets all flustered that the link is to the Communist Party of India, the link goes to the People's Democracy site which is the news outlet for the Communist Party in India. Get over it. Communism isn't evil.

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