Wal-Mart Opponents Win First Round

N.C. Court of Appeals says board violated rules in granting permit

The appeals court upheld a Superior Court ruling that said the Union County Board of Adjustment didn't follow proper procedure when it gave Wal-Mart permission to build a 206,000-square-foot Supercenter at Rea and Tom Short roads.

The appeals court ruling was filed Tuesday. It says the residents were denied due process in the Union County zoning proceedings and that they had the right to appeal the decision, something Wal-Mart had disputed.

The unanimous decision by the three-judge panel marks a significant victory in what has become a nearly six-year battle against the Arkansas-based company, residents and their lawyers said.

But they're also braced for Wal-Mart's next move.
Because Wal-Mart is a persistent and exploitive opponent who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Good on the residents in and around Marvin, North Carolina. I wish them well in their battle against the retail juggernaut.

And what does it say about a company that is forcing itself on people that very clearly do NOT want them there? It says that company cares nothing for the places it infests, it says the company cares nothing for the damage it wreaks on townships, it says the company is not ethically driven, they are driven by money, money, money and they will do almost anything, legal or illegal to get more money.

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