Low Prices Leads to Low Employees

What's behind Wal-Mart's troubles? Bad customer service. And why can't they give better service? Because they screw over most of their employees and people get tired of getting screwed by their employer. Especially when their employer has driven every other employment opportunity out of business (i.e. Wal-Mart's scorched neighborhood policy).

Wal-Mart: A Snap Inspection

And you'll never guess that the three store inspection finds quite alot lacking. Service, and much more important, helpful customer service was absolutely not to be found. Interested in dropping $1200 on that plasma screen but want to, you know, take it for a test drive? You're out of luck. Want to try on those pants? Sorry, changing rooms are locked, woops.

The one nice Wal-Mart they visited reminded the reviewer of a Target. Kind of funny. And her review pretty much thumbs-downed the experience. Not that I'm surprised at all.

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