Wal-Mart Sucks, Officially

Wal-Mart Ranks Lowest Among Discounters in Survey and even lost ground over the last year.
Customers may be increasingly dissatisfied with the goods Wal-Mart is carrying, said Claes Fornell, the professor who led the study. Chief Executive Officer H. Lee Scott has turned the company's focus back to groceries and household items after an ill-fated attempt to boost sales by luring fashion-conscious shoppers with silk camisoles and distressed jeans.
Which made no sense since nobody ever thought of Wal-Mart as the place to go for high quality (read that, high margin) items. Wal-Mart is the bottom of the barrel, is in lockstep with Chinese manufacturers and delivers low cost, low quality pre-landfill crap. Oh yeah, with crappy customer service and, usually, really messy and disgusting stores.

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