Billionaire Walton Gives Whopping $75k to Anti-Lottery Campaign

Arkansas News Bureau - Billionaire Jim Walton gives $75,000 to anti-lottery campaign which is to say, he reached into his pocket, pulled out some change and tossed it into the bowl.

Let's be clear, to you and me $75k is alot of money. Okay, to me its a lot of money.

To a billionaire, its almost nothing. Look at it this way. If I make $50k a year and I were to donate the same percentage of my income as Jim Walton gave (for the sake of argument let's consider his fortune at an even billion dollars) then I would be donating an amazingly unimpressive $3.75.

The numbers get much worse if his true wealth is used and not just the handy (and round) 1,000,000,000 number (that's an awful lot of zeroes).

So yeah, what an open and giving guy.
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