Short Answer: No, You Should Not Shop at Wal-Mart

Kerry Trueman: The Big Box Paradox: Should We Shop At Wal-Mart?

The essay details Wal-Mart's recent and highly publicized efforts to go green only the greenwashing is a business decision rather than a decision to actually improve people's lives.

If you have no choice but to shop at Wal-Mart because your money is very tight then I have truly no issue with you shopping there. If, like my brother, you have plenty of means but still choose to support the goliath then I do have an issue with that. Its supporting a company with a long history of employee abuses and exploitations, of supply chain bullying, of health insurance coverage dodging and willfully charging customers more for items and then making it damned near impossible to get proper compensation.

Wal-Mart sucks, shop there if you must but don't if you have the means not to. Please.
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