Another Drop in the Bucket Loss for Wal-Mart Wage Exploitation

Wal-Mart to pay up to $54 million to settle wage suit

At what point does the Justice Department look at these many and repeated lawsuits of Wal-Mart's wage exploitation and finally step in and say these are not isolated incidents. Wal-Mart has a corporate philosophy of squeezing its least powerful employees for extra work. Nobody likes being squeezed and, eventually, the squeezees will fight back and win yet another judgment.

Spend your money at Wal-Mart? Then you are supporting an exploitative company that crosses the line so often that it knows the border guards by name and how well their kids did in school this last semester.

Wal-Mart cares not the least about the law, they care about their bottomline regardless. And that is despicable.
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