Another Shoplifter Sentenced to Death by Wal-Mart

I'm sure they didn't mean for Russell S. Palmer to die, but they held him down after he was suspected of shoplifting and he did die.

Another Shoplifter Death at Wal-Mart

From the Wal-Mart employee handbook:
"Great caution must be used in any shoplifting situation. If you suspect someone is shoplifting, maintain eye contact with the suspected shoplifter and notify a member of management. DO NOT, in any circumstance, accuse or try to apprehend a shoplifting suspect on your own. You may assist in the apprehension if directed to do so by a member of management or Loss Prevention."

And yet, two security guards and a bystander held Mr. Palmer down until he was dead.

I'm not condoning shoplifting by any stretch but I don't think he should have died for such a minor crime. Just another reason to avoid Wal-Mart like the retail plague it is.
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