Walmart's Misdeeds Round Up

How's about a quick round up of Wal-Mart's latest and lamest?

Walmart Defends Sick Leave Policy Despite H1N1 Fears - basically, if you are sick and stay home then Wal-Mart will dock you a vacation day or just not pay you for your first day of being sick. Why yes, Wal-Mart does sound alot like a corporatized Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Walmart Will Pay Up To $85 Million To Settle Workers' Suit - until these lawsuits invert Wal-Mart's profit making, Wal-Mart will not change its ways. That is, the penalties are far less than what Wal-Mart earned by exploiting its workers. Make them lose money and the practice will stop. Pretty simple really.

That's about it for now, I'm sure I've missed other recent judgments against the exploitation behemoth but I had to do some cold Mark All Read cleaning out of my Google Reader feeds, it had become too stuff full. I'll get back on the Wal-Mart is Pure Evil bandwagon soon enough. Until then, shop anywhere but Wal-Mart if you possibly can. Supporting Wal-Mart is condoning their behaviour and abuse of workers, suppliers and localities they infest with their Big Box hell holes.
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