Always Unlawful Detention. Always

Teens held for six hours at Barrhaven Walmart on bogus shoplifting suspicion. Two 14 year old girls held in a small room with two asshole security guards for six hours because it happened to occur on the same day a local constable was killed and the police were a little distracted.

These two girls were held for six hours with food or water, accused of shoplifting when they did not shoplift and, at the end of it all, when the cop that did arrive spent all of three minutes unraveling the mystery, Wal-Mart said Oops, sorry about that.

Why would anyone go shop at a place that treats its customers so callously? Are low prices worth being falsely accused and held against your will?

And, oh by the way, Target's prices are the same as Wal-Mart's, you're just tricked into thinking its less expensive because the stores look like hell. Its a double edged trick by Wal-Mart, they trick you into thinking you're shopping in a low end store which means low end prices AND Wa-Mart can get away with not having enough employees to staff the store as well as forcing those employees to work off the clock, through breaks and more.

Really, Wal-Mart's not evil, they're just driven by an insatiable urge for more money no matter the toll on people or the thick pipeline of US dollars going into China for lead tainted junk toys.

Sorry to get off on a rant-y tangent but it happens.
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