Walmart and Basic Rights to Privacy

Walmart Sued for Secret Bathroom Surveillance of both employees who they already treat like shit and customers who they tolerate but still belittle and abuse as much as possible, because they can usually get away with it.

Some brainiac thought video-taping people in a changing room/bathroom was a good way to cut down on theft but it also happens to be a great way to eliminate privacy altogether. And none of the people spied upon has been accused of any theft at all, this was all invasion of privacy without any reason to suspect any theft was actually taking place.

Walmart presumes the worst about its customers and employees and treats them accordingly. Which is to say, customers and employees are expendable in the never ending chase for every last dollar they can gather in.

Are low prices (which aren't even that low in reality) worth getting your ass videotaped and posted on the internet? I'm thinking no but apparently many, too many people have no problem with it.
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