The Real Reason We Hate Wal-Mart

The Real Reason We Hate Wal-Mart
In fact, it does not matter what Wal-Mart does. We will still hate it. Because our hatred for Wal-Mart is not, in fact, based on anything the company does; it is based on what the company is. It is a big box. A big, bland, concrete warehouse. It hurts us, the very vision of it. Wal-Mart comes into town and builds an ugly box and then all the regular little stores shut down, and all that is left is a big ugly box on the outskirts of town. And inside that box are bright, harsh lights and ugly Republican people and lots of NASCAR-branded items and a pervasive atmosphere of small-town hopelessness.
But let's not gloss over their business practices, multiple exploitation and sexual harassment lawsuits and the river of money heading into China for often lead tainted pre-landfill junk.

But we're supposed to forget about all of that because they are "going green". Yeah, no.
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