Walmart Protesters Come Out in Force for NYC Hearing

Walmart Protesters Greatly Outnumber Walmart Supporters at NYC Hearing

"Braving twenty-degree weather, over four hundred members of the Walmart Free NYC Coalition showed up on the steps of City hall last Thursday to oppose Walmart’s plans to open stores in New York City, with at least a hundred more turned away at the gates."

"Those in the crowd belonged to small business associations, community organizations, unions, and elected office. They hailed from all five boroughs, many ethnicities, and a broad array of economic backgrounds. Some hailed from respected academic institutions, others were concerned residents who heard about the rally from conversations on the street. Though diverse, their message was unified: Walmart can take its plans to destroy jobs and close local businesses and go home."

And I'll just ignore the idiots talking about Muslim extremists and other garbage.

New York City doesn't want you, Wally World. The only people who are thrilled about more Walmarts opening up, aside from the Waltons? The Chinese.

Think about that for a second.
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