Court Upholds $188 Million Verdict Against Walmart and Sam's Club

Court upholds costly verdict against Walmart, Sam's Club (short blurb is last on the page but included in its entirety below).

A $188 million class-action verdict against Walmart Stores Inc. and Sam's Club over payment to employees for rest breaks and off-the-clock work was upheld Friday by a Pennsylvania appeals court.

A three-judge Superior Court panel said there was sufficient evidence at trial to conclude there had been a breach of contract, unjust enrichment and violations of labor laws.

The judges also ruled in a 211-page opinion that the presiding Philadelphia judge erred in determining some of the plaintiffs' legal fees, and sent that part of the case back for recalculation.

The 2006 trial, which lasted 32 days, resulted in an award of $46 million in attorneys' fees."
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