Petition: Tell Walmart, Target, Macy's and Hanes to Stop Rape and Torture of Young Women in its Factories

Human Rights Petition: Tell Walmart to Stop Rape and Torture of Young Women in its Factories | Change.org: "Please tell Wal-Mart, Hanes, Target, Macy’s, Lands’ End, Kohl’s and Jones Group to immediately end the sexual abuse, rape, torture, and beatings of young women guest workers at the Classic factory in Jordan.

We demand that the companies:

1) Immediately remove all serial rapists, especially Anil Santha and Priyantha, from the Classic factory;

2) Pay significant compensation to the rape victims for the damages done them;

3) Ensure that independent and highly respected non-governmental women’s rights organizations from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have complete access to monitor factory conditions;

4) Guarantee that there will be no retaliation against any worker for speaking the truth about factory conditions;

5) Ensure that the false charges against the internationally respected human rights advocate, Mr. Rafiq Alam, must be immediately dropped;

6) If Classic refuses to strictly enforce the worker’s rights laws in the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement, their sweatshop garments should be prohibited from entering the U.S."

Click the link to go and sign the petition. It makes me sad to know that only 16,000 people have signed it so far. Where is the outrage over this?
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