Walmart's 5 Grim Black Friday Incidents

Walmart's violent Black Friday: 5 'grim' incidents - The Week

1. Waffle maker riot - people seriously start fighting over some really shitty waffle makers.
2. Pepper spray and XBoxes - crazy chick uses pepper spray on fellow shoppers to secure a discounted XBox. Police unsure whether she'll get charged (and if she isn't then expect the number of pepper spray "incidents" to rise dramatically next year).
3. Video games and police brutality - if the crowds aren't enough to keep you home on Black Friday then perhaps the threat of an unwarranted assault by a cop leaving you unconscious on the ground unattended for 10 minutes is enough?
4. Parking lot shootings - why deal with the hassle of the shopping crowd when you can just prowl the parking lot and mug people on their way out? Of course, it should be noted that these people were shot between 1 and 2 in the morning while out shopping (let that sink in for a moment).
5. Smartphone smack down - want a deal on a smartphone? You might be able to get one for $35 but you might also get shoved to the ground and kicked in the face. For a phone.

There's no surprise that I'm not much of a fan of Black Friday and even less of a fan of Walmart. Combine the two and you have one of the lower planes of hell for me.

By the way, do you know what the Chinese call Walmart shoppers? Suckers. But they call all Americans suckers so it's really not that big a deal or even funny.
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