Walmart Plays Shell Game with Iconic San Diego Building

Neighbors Shocked By Walmart’s Partial Demolition of Iconic Building
“I feel betrayed,” said Remy Bermudez, a neighborhood activist. “I feel betrayed by City Hall. I feel betrayed by Walmart.” She said that at recent community meetings, Walmart officials had mentioned only plans to renovate the building and to tear down interior walls and the roof, but not the structure.
Walmart is a very good wolf in sheep's clothing, they pretend to listen to community concerns, they pretend to take those concerns to heart and then they go right ahead and do whatever it was they wanted to do in the first place. And, when called on it, they throw up their hands and say "Who, me?" Allowing a Walmart to move into your town is like inviting a violent felon to set up shop. You will, eventually, get smacked in the face and, most likely, stabbed in the back.
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