Walmart is Worse Than You Think, Much Worse

I read Think Walmart is an Evil Empire? ended up learning several new things about the world's largest (and dirtiest and greediest and most exploitive) corporation. Here's an excerpt:
When you first get hired you’re given an orientation, like at most jobs. In this orientation you’re shown several videos, one of which is called “The Benefits of Working for Walmart.” But it’s really a 30 minute video bashing unions. No, I’m not kidding. It’s literally a video about 30 minutes long of people telling you how terrible unions are to work for.

After that, depending on your job, the training is fairly typical. But the true nature of the greed of this company is found in how they run their business. 
See, everything is controlled in Arkansas. From the air conditioning and heat, inventory to the scheduling system. Everything is controlled at their home office in Arkansas.
There is more, plenty more to chew on and think about and be pissed off about. I mean, really, how many dollars is enough? At what point will the Walton family realize that they can't do anything with the gigantic piles of money they have? At some point doesn't there have to be a wake up call, a coming to consciousness moment where the blinders are removed and the reality of the situation can be seen?

That Walmart absolutely cares more about their bottom line than, literally, anything else. Not people, not towns, not laws, not governments, nothing is more important to Walmart than profit and maximizing that profit no matter what.

Walmart is what happens when unfettered greed isn't checked. Spend your money at a store where they treat their employees like human beings, where they pay their own costs for healthcare and don't rig hours to make sure that nobody outside of management gets health coverage.

You do NOT have to shop at Walmart. You are not saving any more money there then at other stores that don't exploit so heavily and harshly. Stores that pay living wages like CostCo and don't force stores to cut employee hours while maintaining sales quotes and other BS.

I'd never ever shop at a Walmart, I can't even imagine what kind of a hell it would be to call that hell hole your place of employment.
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