WinCo Treats Employees Like People....Wins

Walmart's nightmare is a clear sustainable model that shows their rapacious and cheap ass way of doing business isn't necessary to make a buck. And that means treating employees like people who have real needs that their employment needs to provide the means to satisfy. Not crap like timesheet manipulation to prevent health benefits.

Nope, WinCo gives full benefits to employees working more than 24 hours a week and has a strong pension plan. And has, according to a spokesperson so take it with a grain of salt, some 400 non-executive employees with million dollar plus pensions.

A company that respects customers and employees and the towns in which they exist?

Uh-oh. That doesn't bode well for a company like Walmart that guts towns, foists healthcare costs, exploits workers and supply chains and is run by the most miserly richest family on earth.

People who think Walmart simply cannot afford to pay a livable wage are simply dead wrong. Businesses can be profitable, sustainable AND respectful to the people who make them run (staff and customer).

That is, I believe, Check and Mate, Wally.
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