Walmart is THE Money Sucking Leech

Or, Subsidy is a Four Letter Word

I do not shop at Walmart, I haven't spent a dime there in close to 20 years. And yet my money is STILL going to help bridge the gap between how much they pay and the services Walmart employees and their families need and use.

Walmart is the largest corporation on the planet. It is owned by the wealthiest family on the planet and yet I, not the wealthiest anything anywhere, am being forced to help pay for the services that Walmart has weaseled out of.

At best, this unethical, unseemly and unsustainable. At its worst, this is a codified business decision to maximize profits for as long as possible until the whole shithouse falls down around their ears.

Walmart CAN pay a living wage but they will not until they are forced to do so. This is, coincidentally, a strong argument against libertarian "ideals" of letting the free market sort everything out. The free market sorted out Walmart and we are still paying the price today, you, me, every single one of us is paying Walmart to exist.

I'd like to cancel that payment, now and into the future. If Walmart cannot stand on its own feet without my subsidies then they do not deserve to be in business.
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