Racial Profiling and Wal-Mart Stepping In It, Again

Racial profiling feared at Wal-Mart after they detained a black man who was purchasing gift cards for his company's employees. Not just 5 or 10 cards, he was buying $13,600 worth of cards for the company with a signed and notarized check. Well, someone at the Wal-Mart decided that he was forging company checks to do so and stalled and detained him for two hours before the police showed up and started to treat the man like he was a criminal before slowing down and examining the details. The police took 19 minutes to figure out that he was legitimately purchasing the cards. They didn't even have enough to file a report on the matter.

Nice work, Wal-Mart. What page of the employee manual is racial profiling on?

I'm especially pleased that the company no longer buys gift cards from Wal-Mart, now they get them from Target. So yeah, suck it, Wal-Mart.
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