Wal-Mart and the Planet of the Apes Debacle

Okay, so the big news about Wal-Mart is that they were recommending Marting Luther King Jr. movies to people looking at The Planet of the Apes. The overt racism is pretty ridiculously ugly.

But, I don't think this was a willful act on Wal-Mart's part. I think it was a glitch in their system and is incredibly stupid but this is a mistake and not the work of a racist programmer within the company.

Sometimes things DO happen by accident.

But, if you want to use this as another reason not to shop at Wal-Mart then, by all means, please go right ahead. But this wasn't intentional, just stupid.

[Update: SanDiegoJohnny reported on this three months ago but was not given a proper attribution by the big-time bloggers who "scooped" in on this retardness from Wal-Mart. And, given that its been known for three months, I'm going to have to adjust my stance on this and say that Wal-Mart has some 'splaining to do. And it appears that they really are racist asshats.]
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