Wal-Mart Lawsuit Exposes Widespread Worker Abuse

Ex-Workers Bring Class Action Lawsuit Against Wal-mart
After months of being denied breaks, Debbie Simonson had had enough. She quit her job at the Brooklyn Park Wal-Mart store because "I was tired of all the stress . . . of being told I couldn't go to the bathroom."
Even though she didn't get to take the breaks, Wal-Mart never paid her for the time she worked, she said.

Then, on one of her last days of work, Simonson forgot to punch the time clock at the end of her shift. So a supervisor marked the log for 6:59 a.m. – one minute after she started. Instead of getting paid for eight hours of work, she was paid for one minute.
The article ends with the cheery thought that, despite the mounting coverage of Wal-Mart's exploits, the abuse of the workers continues unabated and unabashedly.

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