Wal-Mart Gets Victimized By Its Own Success

Watch out for falling technology: Wal-Mart’s IT issues
“Wal-Mart today is caught between two worlds: Sam Walton’s, where a zealous commitment to ‘everyday low prices’ is enforced (despite Walton’s skepticism about computers) by IT-assisted decisions made in Bentonville, and a new global marketplace in which the retailer’s sheer size is not as big an advantage as it once was. Competitors such as Target and Tesco can match Wal-Mart in technological sophistication and surpass it by innovating in new retailing segments with higher-margin goods.”
Looks like it's time for a complete computer overhaul and upgrade. Not that it'll happen since the cost would run into the billions and the stockholders would never stand for it. So other retailers with better and more up to date systems will continue to chip away at Wal-Mart. Which is, of course, fine by me!

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