Wal-Mart's Assault on Duluth Continues in Appeals

Wal-Mart battle continues with appeals board
On Wednesday night, the six-member citizen board will hear four appeals to several rulings about a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

Three come from residents challenging decisions made by Shelley Stiebling, former Interim Director of Planning. One comes from Wal-Mart itself, contesting the city's refusal to issue it a building permit.
"We don't think the city's planning department had the authority to reject this application," Sheppard [Wal-Mart's hired gun attorney] said.
I mean, really, how dare the town decide to deny a special variance for Wal-Mart to build a huge box store when the town's zoning laws require pitched roofs and particular building materials. Don't they know that Wal-Mart is always right? Silly citizens, I'm sure the high priced attorney from Wal-Mart will set them straight. Or not.

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