Changes A'Coming

Well folks, Blogger keeps sending me big flashing signals that I will have to make some changes to how Wal-Mart is Pure Evil is published. I either need to move the blog further under Blogger's umbrella or take it to another platform entirely. Neither is especially what I want to do but I don't get to choose none of the above here.

So, sometime in the next few days or week I will be changing WIPE from this current URL (http://www.intellectualpoison.com/WalMartisPureEvil.html) and it will be changing to WalMartisPureEvil.blogspot.com.

It is the simplest solution. I am hoping that this last post will remain available on the current URL to help direct readers to the new location. If not then I'll have to figure out how to post a redirect page.

Thank you all for your eyes and thoughts over these last few years. I've slowed down on my posts but have not, for an instant, stopped my private war against the big box hell hole that is Wal-Mart. The fight will continue because it must continue.
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