Well That Was Pretty Easy

Okay, so I was a little off on the timeline of the move to the new set up. I looked into it and it was dead simple to change it over from a sub domain on Intellectual Poison to its own standalone blogspot hosted blog.

Now that we're fully within the Blogger/Google fold, I will probably start to experiment with some of the other new goodies that Blogger's been rolling out like customized templates, widgets and other stuff.

But I will try to keep an eye on what the blog exists for, namely highlighting Wally World's misdeeds across the globe.

One thing that is a bummer is that all of the comments submitted via Haloscan are currently locked up in an unusable format. I'm hopeful that Disqus will figure out the way to import those comments here because there were some very good comments submitted over the years and it would be a real shame to lose them forever.

For now I'm using the built-in Blogger comment system but expect to install Disqus in relatively short order.
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