Black Friday Strike is a Go!

Walmart Black Friday Strike Being Organized Online For Stores Across U.S.

Want to support your fellow Americans in their struggle against the largest company on earth that makes mad profit by forcing as many employees under the poverty line so they can receive public assistance. Think about that for a moment, our taxes are going to help pay Walmart's employees because they are UNWILLING to do so themselves.

They are more concerned with pocketing a few extra dollars than actually creating a sustainable system where their employees earn enough money to survive and possibly even thrive on.

I've been boycotting Walmart for as long as I can remember but please consider shopping elsewhere (if you MUST shop) on Black Friday. Stand with your fellow Americans against the corporations (who aren't people no matter what Mitt Romney tries to assert).

Friday is also known as Buy Nothing Day. I strongly encourage you to consider joining that movement. You will be less frazzled from fighting crowds of bargain hunting crazies.
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