Shoplifting is NOT a Capital Crime Walmart LP Goons!

Man dies after being placed in choke hold by Walmart security

Yes, theft is wrong and illegal. What the man was doing was illegal and he should have been arrested and charged with that crime. Instead, the Walmart security guard and two workers held him down in a choke hold until he was dead.

They killed him for stealing two DVD players. His life was worth less than two shitty DVD players (because we know the higher end models are kept locked up).

The two employees are on paid leave (which blows my mind that Walmart actually HAS paid leave) and the security guard was let go.

I'm not saying these three people set up to kill the alleged shoplifter. I am saying that there's a reason the cops are the ones who do the arresting, they have been trained and are supposed to know when and when NOT to use lethal force.

These three people killed someone for trying to steal two DVD players. Yes, he was stealing shit he didn't really need because, let's face it, DVD players aren't food and he wasn't stealing to feed his family, he was stealing because he couldn't afford gifts which is its own whole other issue that Walmart also has quite a bit of culpability in as well.

In the end, this man died for stealing two DVD players and that is a damned shame. No word on the family he left behind who will be even worse off without him. It is a terrible sign of the decline of our nation when DVD players are held more valuable than man's life.
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