Fighting Back with Technology

Scan and know where the money goes.
Got signed up and rolling with Buycott tonight.

Mind. Blown.

First some good news. Godiva Chocolates are clear of conflicts with regards to the Koch Brothers and GMO Labeling. Eat Godiva Chocolates happily and with a clean conscience (though perhaps they conflict on other campaigns, I don't know).

Bad news that I kinda, sorta already knew: Coca-Cola is on the No side. $1.75 million to fight GMO labeling? Tsk, mother fucking, tsk. 

I hate spending my money where it is going to be used to fight against things I believe in. Now I don't have to.

Now, I will grant that the contact information on the site is, ummm, mysterious, there are no named personages on the site. The WhoIs info is informative,http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=buycott.com. Based in LA, protected name on the registration. They clearly do not want to be known who they are and that isn't confidence inspiring. And there aren't sources for the data which isn't especially comforting either, okay, alot of cool and a few question marks. Kind of big question marks. 

Some, but not all, of which were resolved by reading this Forbes article about Darcy Burner her idea that she demonstrated and other developers have since run with.

But, in the end, the concept is sound and the resulting information /appears/ reliable but maybe should be verified randomly a few times just to make sure, ya know? The app is going to be put to use in my house for sure and I expect my cash will start going more towards places I can be happier supporting.

I'm going to send some feedback to the contact email on the site, feedback@buycott.com and ask for some transparency in the operation. Data sources at the very least. Not that I don't trust them but I don't trust them. Nothing personal. I just like sources I can look over myself or have verified by other third parties without potentially vested and nefarious interests.

Thanks to +Ole Olson for bringing the app to my attention in the first place. Much appreciated as this is one of those things that will change my day to day in a better way and that, my friends, is okay.

Further product updates:
Hansen's is clean for my campaigns. Krusteaz is clean, Jif is evil, Planters is clean. Doritos are the very epitome of evil but you already knew that regardless of any campaigns. And, most shockingly, Santa Cruz Natural Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade is on the no fly list because they contributed some $485,000 to fight GMO labeling. Seriously? By the way, Santa Cruz, Natural Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade is made in Chico, not Santa Cruz. So, yeah. They'll not be getting my money anymore.

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