Life Is NOT a Videogame and You Are NOT a Hero

Orange City Walmart customer shoots at suspected shoplifter and hits his car along with two other cars and, thankfully, no children.

Okay, so here's the thing, shoplifting ISN'T a shootable offense. And this dude with the gun wasn't a cop, wasn't in danger and had truly no business drawing and firing his weapon. Which is why he's been arrested and charged with a bunch of crimes when he thought he was going to get a medal and the key to the city and hot chicks.

Um no.

A couple of things, one, Jose Martinez is not going to get away with this. Joe Martinez might. Joe Martin would be alot more likely to get away with this but Jose Martinez? Yeah, fuck no. Sorry but this is the current state of affairs in the US. A shitbag like George Zimmerman hunts down and murders a 17 year old black kid and gets bail, a black mother shot into the air to defend her home from armed intruders injuring no one and faces up to 20 years behind bars? Why? Because George Zimmerman has a judge father and is half white. The mother? Sorry, she's black and poor and how dare she try to protect herself and her children from armed intruders and not even hurting anyone in the process.

And the shoplifter happened to be a black man. The crux of the issue is that Jose is asserting that the shoplifter was driving his car towards him in an attempt to harm him. The reality, from eyewitnesses (and Walmart shoppers, dumbasses) is that Jose chased after the shoplifter's car shooting his gun wildly and even tried to open the passenger side door while the car was moving. Jose Martinez did everything possible to put his own dumb self in danger. Why? Because he had a gun and was just stiff with anticipation to use it to fight crime or some bullshit machismo fucktard mentality.

This is the natural result of insane gun laws like Stand Your Ground. This is the same law used as a (weak ass bullshit) defense of some asshole fat white dude not putting up with some kids playing their music too loud in their car at a stoplight so he just opens fire on them and kills one. Seriously? A kid's life is worth that little to you that you can't put up with some bad music for a minute or two?

And yes, I do believe I will be cross-posting this to my What Not To Do blog as well.
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