This is what the Walmartification of Christmas Looks Like

The volume thing is a trap, no sound, sorry.
Black Friday has now become synonymous with violence associated with the pursuit of Christmas presents.

It has now become expected that there will be riots and brawls and mayhem as people FIGHT to get schlock at bigger discounts.

Would you want a present your mom got for you by boot-stomping someone else's mother?

I don't know about you but I'd rather not get anything at all for Christmas than to think that it was purchased via a violent confrontation or threat of violence.

We have become so inured to the violence thathyperbolic satire bits like this, Woman Kills 3 for XBox and then there's this mega-super-hyperbolic one from The Onion, 42 Million Dead in Bloodiest Black Friday On Record.

And now Black Friday is starting on Thanksgiving Day which is so insanely offensive and rude that it just boggles the mind.

People, NO BARGAIN IS WORTH ANY OF THIS. Christmas and the holiday season is and should be about spending quality time with your loved ones, not nursing black eyes received while SHOPPING.

America needs to remove its head from its ass and recognize these behaviors are animalistic, disgusting and further signs of the epic implosion of our entire society (expect the Chinese to step right in and "help" us get sorted).
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