Sam's Club vs Costco Ruled No Contest, Sam's Club Fails for Profit Mongering

Sam's Club vs Costco: Do Lower Prices Trump Employee Happiness?

Hint: No.

I will never shop at a Sam's Club while I can go to a CostCo instead. I strongly prefer spending my money at a store that treats their employees like people and pays them livable wages.

"Sam's Club could treat its workers better, find ways to rev up sales and not lay people off just because they can. That, however seems unlikely as Wal-Mart will likely maintain its profit margin at Sam's Club by continuing to use its leverage to purchase at the best prices possible while squeezing and eliminating labor costs wherever possible."

Sam's Club and Wal-Mart have a long and disgusting history of treating employees like cattle to be used up and discarded. Which may work nicely for your bottom line for a period of time but the worm is turning and Wal-Mart's misdeeds are more and more known. And that leads more people to shopping elsewhere and marginalizing Wallyworld.

And that is a very good thing. People over Profits! Vote with your wallet and don't give your money to the evil empire that is Wal-Mart.
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