Awesome New Use for Closed Walmart Supercenter

Texas town comes up with the best use for an old Walmart by converting it into the largest single floor library in America. And adding a Farmer's Market for winter time indoor shopping and eating.

What had started to become a community blight has been transformed into an amazing and highly used community space.

A whole bunch more photos are available on their smug mug site. They have built it out rather incredibly awesomely. They have a theatre!

This is the best re-use I've yet seen. They took an empty shell and created something far, far more than it had ever been originally intended to be (a purveyor of low-end pre-landfill Chinese made schlock).

Good on you, McAllen, Texas. I don't guess I'll ever be in the area (Texas and I had a falling out a few years ago, something about human rights trumping asshole governors or something) but I would stop by and say hello if I ever found myself there.

And yes, that would be the ONLY Walmart building I will ever set foot in.
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